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TSDco is comprised of five senior consultants and five other part/full time consultants.  The company's five senior consultant have over a hundred years of management experience with over forty years of experience working in or with China

TSDco senior consultants have broad experience in six Fortune 500 multinational fast moving consumer goods companies.  Four of the five TSDco senior consultants have been expatriates for a total of twenty-one years.  TSDco senior consultants have directly managed operations in China, Mexico, Honduras, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Singapore and the US.  The team has managed contractors in many other countries.  TSDco senior consultants have extensive experience in crisis and "turn-around" management.  Biographies can be provided for the specific consultants being recommended for the engagement.

TSDco Chinese national employees have extensive experience with multinational companies, local companies, governmental agencies and universities.

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We work to earn our clients' trust and live up to the trust that we earn.

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