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TSDco is made up of the following subsidiaries.
bulletTSDco Consulting

Located in Beijing, China, TSDco Consulting provides a wide range of services to help companies begin operation in China.  Services range from strategic planning, establishing legal entities, executive search, sourcing (short term and long term), sales and marketing.  Clients include the following companies:

bulletHammond, Kennedy and Whitney, Indianapolis, Indiana USA
bulletMezzanine Management, London, UK
bullet Hancock Capital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
bulletEnventure Global Technologies, Houston, Texas USA
bulletTubular Textile Manufacturing, Lexington, North Carolina, USA
bulletCoemar Lighting Products, Montova, Italy
bullet Air Quality Sciences, Marietta, Georgia USA
bullet GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, Washington, DC USA
bulletAdvance Publishers, Orlando, Florida, USA
bulletThe Stanton Group, Hollywood, Florida, USA
bulletCerwin-Vega, Chatsworth, California, USA
bulletZenair, Midland, Ontario, Canada
bulletZenithair, Mexico, Missouri, USA





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